Want Your Website to Rank on Google? Try Off-Page SEO

Want Your Website to Rank on Google? Try Off-Page SEO

In a world where every marketer is trying their best to rank in the search engine result pages and increase their organic reach, they often start with on-page SEO but smart marketer or the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi starts their journey by looking beyond the website for increasing their reach. If you are struggling or looking forward to ranking your site on Google despite pouring your heart out into the content, you definitely need to try off-page SEO (search engine optimization) apart from on-page SEO.  As SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is divided into two parts, off-page SEO and on-page SEO, trying off-page is important because it contributes to creating exposure for the brand, building trust, and improving the brand’s awareness.

What exactly is Off-Page SEO? 

Off-page SEO is a search engine optimization tactic that includes all the SEO activities and strategies taking place outside the website. It is called off-page SEO because it does not involve updating or publishing content on the website. Off-page SEO is generally linked with content marketing, link building, engagement with the audience outside the website, directory listing, and all others.

The above off-page SEO strategies and tactics, when applied, contribute to website ranking, drive organic traffic back, and maintain and increase brand trust in the eyes of Google as well as the audience.

Importance of off-page SEO 

When it comes to the ranking factors of a website or a business in Google, the tactics and algorithms used by these search engines are constantly changing, causing a shift in the rank of the business. In order to stay in place, maintaining your position on the higher level of business listings and ranking, which is significantly influenced by the authority, trustworthiness, and relevancy of off-page SEO, is important. Doing off-page SEO helps a business in several ways: It simply tells Google or any other search engine what the audience really thinks about your website or business.

Off-page SEO factors to consider

Before you step in to implement your tactics and strategies altogether, just make sure you know clearly about the factors you need to consider.

  1. Domain authority: When doing off-page activities, an overview of domain authority is needed. It is a measurement metric or score that informs about the site’s performance and quality of the website.

  2. Relevance: While link building for off-page SEO, it is important to make backlinks that are relevant and do not trigger the algorithm for a penalty. It is important to get links from higher domain authorities that are relevant to the one you want. For instance, if you get a link from a high domain authority car dealer to your website that is related to makeup, it will not make sense.

  3. Site traffic: When implementing off-page activities like forum posting, blogger outreach, and others, it is very important to know about the target audience. It is important to check the site traffic before proceeding with the activities.

  4. Link type: In off-page SEO, there are two types of links because it requires link building from multiple sources.

    a. Do-follow link: A do-follow link is a type of default link that allows Google to pass link juice to the webpage it is linked to. The linking helps maintain the page rank and rank better on search engine result pages.

    b. No-follow link: Opposite to a do-follow link, a no-follow link means Google bots and spiders do not follow these links, and they do not pass any link juice to the page they are actually linked to.

What are the different off-page activities that work?

To improve the chances of ranking well on Google search engine result pages, one must take up different activities and work on improving the chances of ranking well on Google search engine search results (SERPs). The types of off-page activities that work best are:

  1. Link building: In off-page SEO and Google’s algorithm, link building is a prominent activity that should be performed. Creating and earning backlinks from high authority domains helps position our site as an authority. It acts as a vote of trust that closes the link gap between your site and its competitor. It is advised to not only create quality links but also maintain the broken links whenever they are found. Both link-building and broken link-building are helpful.

  2. Content marketing: When it comes to off-page SEO, content and its marketing are major components, as nothing is possible without them. Content marketing helps your website achieve many goals because it influences the type of content you generate and helps you achieve results. To perform the activity, you can publish great content on your site, write a guest post, publish infographics, generate organic backlinks, and others.

  3. Local SEO: Citation and Google My Business (GMB) are the two activities that complete the discipline of SEO. They help in ranking the website high in local search terms. Citation is considered as a mention of your brand online, for example, using it in a blog, forum, bag, website, directory, etc. On the other hand, Google My Business is an extension that shows business listings when a relevant Google search term is used.

  4. Brand building: In the world of digital marketing, brand building and SEO are partners that elevate the relevance, authority, and trust of the content said. Building a brand helps prevent all types of businesses and make them reliable and trustworthy.

  5. Influence marketing: A new way to build your brand, amplify the content, and reach new audiences Influence marketing is phenomenal. It includes outreaching influencers with large numbers of followers on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and asking for product placement in the content they produce. It helps advertise your products and reach the target audience easily.

Off-page SEO may seem easier as compared to on-page SEO, but it has its own factors that are not under control. In order to perform it you can either do it yourself with the right knowledge and skill or contact the Best SEO Company in Delhi offering  SEO Services in India.

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