Top Mobile App Concepts for Startups to Consider in the Next Few Years

Top Mobile App Concepts for Startups to Consider in the Next Few Years

With a swift increase in mobile users and with the constant support of the internet and technology, the mobile app industry is significantly growing. In today’s era with around 5.60 million applications available on the app stores, new startups and businesses are constantly putting their steps forward in application development. To put the ideas into action, startups and even well-established businesses are willing to present the required information via something good, new, and unique in the form of applications.

To beat the market trend and set your feet in the field of app development, you need to have app ideas that are innovative and unique. As obtaining the idea for an app is the most important part of creating the application, it is also the toughest part. With millions of users on the go, it is extremely hard to come up with a million-dollar app idea immediately. The process includes extreme research on all the possible aspects affecting the market, analysis, and, at last, a sound decision to take it forward. Once the app idea is clear, the next step toward success is locating and connecting with a Mobile App Design Company providing you the services of designing and developing the app.

The basic tip on how to come up with a mobile app idea includes complete research of the market, audiences, their needs, and especially problems. Just like Uber, MamaEarth, Airbnb, and others try to identify the problems and needs of the audience and come up with a solution in the form of an app.

To manage your stress and make it easier for you, today under this article we are going to share with you a list of mobile app ideas. If you have the thought of owning an application for your business, you can explore the listed ideas. Without further ado, let’s start.

  1. Hotel or eatery reservation app

Gone are the days when people used to plan dinners a week earlier than the actual date of the outing. For now, in this generation, random plans and sudden outings are the things people follow.

After all, who does not like the chance to dine at a pretty cafe and relax in a good hotel? With mobile or cafe reservation apps, things are way much cooler and it is easy for the user to find out about the latest, brimming hotels and cafes to hang out, chill, and eat food with their loved ones. The application will provide a graphic layout of the place along with the food menu, and its interior and exterior, if any.

To give you an idea:, dineout,, open table, eazydiner, etc.

  1. App for personal health coaching

We, as human beings, have a tendency to forget things, especially about our health and the goals we set to achieve. In today’s rushed life, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the hardest of all and, due to the pandemic, people nowadays are more concerned with health. Therefore, to best reach such an audience, the idea of a personal health coach app is best. The application is more likely to act like a coach, instructor, and reminder, helping users keep track of their health. The app will remind people about their appointments, regular checkups, medicine timings, and others.

Another type of health-related app you could create is one that allows people to book appointments with doctors online.

To give you an idea: My Fitness Pal, NoiseFit, Sworkit, and similar others.

  1. App for gift ideas

Gifting is a primary activity to show your love and care towards someone, but nowadays we live in a world where we are surrounded by deadlines. It sometimes makes it more difficult to save time to visit a shop and purchase a gift for your dear ones. A gifting application will help make the experience easier, safer, and cheaper by letting users choose the gift that they like, fill out the required details, and even get suggestions.

The application can also include a delivery system for the gift item to the address mentioned by the user. With this, the gift will reach the dedicated destination.

To give you an idea: Floweraura, Amazon, Giftagram.

  1. App for travel assistance

Do you like to travel to new places and explore the city all by yourself, but get stuck on finding the proper places? A travel application can do wonders. As people love to travel, explore places, and grab some local food in a beautiful cafe, they need to find places. With the help of a travel assistant or travel planning app, the user can easily get a tour guide that can take people to the correct destinations, book hotels for affordable stays, and take them to places providing local cuisine.

The application acts as a power-packed technology that makes traveling and exploring easier. So, if you are thinking of stepping into the travel industry, Brainstorm the ideas and step into the market.

To give you an idea: Airbnb, trip planner, make my trip, tripigator.

  1. App for medication delivery

Since the time of the pandemic, the market for pharmacy medicine delivery apps has been a game-changer and life savior. As these apps have helped families and individuals in need by providing the desired medicine at their doorsteps, the demand for the same has increased. The apps make easy availability of the medicine they want; they add it to the cart, and proceed with the payment option to checkout and place the order.

Developing a medicine delivery app in today’s generation is a boon as people will continue to buy medicines online when in need.

To give you an idea: Img, netmeds, doximity, and others.

Regardless of what industry and field your idea for app development targets you can easily achieve an application by just contacting the right app development company and availing its app development services.

If you are interested in transforming your great ideas into app development for your business, we at Mrmmbs Vision a Custom App Development Company in Delhi are here to help. To share your ideas contact us now.


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