The Most Lucrative and Imminent Technology Trends

The remainder of 2020 starts to play out whenever we start prognosticating 2021 or future events. 2020 was the year of massive change leading to the acceleration of technology and its trends. Little did we know that we would be foreseeing such technological innovation changes for which we were not even ready. Technology is and has always been a playing field with an ever-changing attitude progressing rapidly allowing quicker changes and those wanting to remain at the helm of technology advancement have to adapt and move forward.

A lot more than expected has changed this year due to the outbreak of Covid19 making us understand that technology can and must be a force for good. From advancements in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Web design and development services, the Internet of Things (IoT) to the technological advancement in the field like education, healthcare, and the workplace the adaptation of new technology is reflected throughout the world.

With the sudden advancement in technology and its trends even if nothing is crystal clear, one thing is certain and that is technology will continue to transform the way we live and work. From several technology trends that fizz out over the period of time to several other latest technology trends that stay on the sidelines and gain attraction, there are many such technologies that have made their noted marks in history but are a few more advanced steps away from becoming mainstream.

Keeping the technology advancement in mind below mentioned are possible technology trends that will dominate from now on.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Virtual Reality (VR/AR/XR)

  • 5G 

  • Cyber Security 

  • Edge Computing

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 The term Artificial Intelligence was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy leading to the beginning of a whole new field of study now known as Data Science. AI the abbreviation to Artificial Intelligence is a broad branch of computer science aiming to develop machines that can attain what a human can do on the basis of mimicking human intelligence.

 Artificial intelligence is making computers think and act like humans, it helps them learn from the experience, adjust new inputs and perform human-like tasks. From playing chess online to self-driving cars to automatic sensors and alarm systems everything is heavily reliant on artificial intelligence and deep learning. The growth of the trend of AI manifests itself in our day-to-day life via virtual assistants, ride-hailing services, and search prediction.

Artificial intelligence has a high demand and is being used at its best for now. The industries using Artificial Intelligence are

  • Health Care: Provides personalized medicines and X-ray reading acting as a life coach, reminding to take medicines, exercise, and eat properly.

  • Retail: Provides virtual shopping options along with personalized recommendations to discuss the purchase with others.

  • Banking: Provides techniques to identify the speed, fraudulent transactions, credit scoring, and other data management tasks.

  • Life Sciences: Provides techniques to battle some of the greatest health challenges by ensuring drug safety to getting new therapies.

  • Public Sector: Provides techniques that can make a city smarter with new technology-based mission and maintenance.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

VR is the abbreviation of Virtual reality, the technology trend that is growing super fast. Along with virtual reality, other similar technologies like AR and ER are also in trend where AR stands for Augmented reality and ER stands for extended reality. AR covers the technology that uses glasses and headsets to showcase computer-generated videos and when it places the user entirely in the computer it is known as VR.

In explanatory terms, virtual reality defines both the term virtual ‘near’ and reality ‘experience’ which constitutes near reality. The field of virtual reality is growing and can lead to exciting discoveries in the field of our day-to-day lives like being included in films and video games that help us take virtual risks in order to gain real-world experience.

According to the reports, the market of virtual reality and augmented reality is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022. The upcoming year of our lives will be integrated by virtual reality providing numerous potential in training, education, marketing, and entertainment.

3. 5G 

One of the most wanted technology trends for which every one or the other person is waiting to be launched is 5G (5th Generation). 5G is expected to revolutionize our lives post the 3G and 4G where we were able to browse the internet, increased bandwidth for streaming video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others. According to the reports in the coming years, 5G will go mainstream and become real, resulting in a technology that is important for the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Telecom companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Verizon, and others are creating and launching 5G applications making 5G a new technology trend one must save a spot and watch out for.

4. Cyber Security 

People do not find cyber security as a trending technology but it is evolving and has been around for a while just like other technologies. As the rate of cybercrime is growing tenfold, securing the networks to educate the workforce on cyber security remains the top priority for every organization. The repetitive work of malevolent hackers, online hackers has grown and will not end anytime soon. As long as the work of hacking and cybercrime goes on the technology trend of cyber security remains intact.

As the field of cyber security is growing at pace, the job wants and roles for cybersecurity are also growing like an ethical hacker, malware analyst, security engineer, chief security officer. The technology trend of cyber security will help people fight more easily, as of now there are several benefits offered by cyber security like you can report your case of cybercrime, lodge a complaint about the same, etc.

5. Edge computing 

As soon as the technology trend of the Internet of Things becomes mainstream, one of the least talked about technology trends, edge computing will also become popular. Edge computing is the computing model in which all the tasks take place near the location where the data is collected and stored. Edge computing is not only a technology trend but is a savior for several problems caused by cloud computing and data centre for processing. It supports computation and data storage together on the collection device and is a computing element that holds everything from information processing to content collection to delivery near the source of information.


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