Follow These Exercises to Make Your Content Look Attractive & Shareable

Follow These Exercises to Make Your Content Look Attractive Shareable

Well, here are 9 things that you need to consider while writing a content piece-:

1. Keep it Precise & Use Snippets 

In 2019 people do not want to read a 5000-word piece that makes them read for an hour to reach a solution rather, they are looking for a quick solution for their problems. Do you know? Google is providing quick solutions to its users by displaying snippets on the SERP so that they do not have to visit any website or blog to get their answer instead, get it right away on searching. So, if the content is precise and has snippets attached to it, you will acquire a huge reader base. 

2.    Draft a Perfect Headline

In Content Writing, your headline is your first impression. If you get it right, the user will click through and read the rest of your article. Frame your headline in a conversational tone where you raise a question for which an urge to get the answer gets created. The headline creates the problem and the article solutes it. So, if your headline is unable to create the problem for the user, no matter how good the solution inside the article is, the reader will not click through it. 

3. Do not down-talk anyone in the Content

Essentially, people expect you to be just and fair to them. By down-talking celebrities and political figures in your content, you are building up a negative point of view. People do not waste their time reading something rubbish about someone because there are always two types of readers- ones who support your down-talk while there are ones who don’t. To you, both are important because the sides of the coin change on different topics. So, make sure that your content talks sense by providing unbiased information and solution. 

4. Allow the People to Add Comments

You do not want your content to be confined to a group of people, isn’t it? To allow it to go viral, you need to activate the comment section of them. It not only allows them to take any action on your writing piece but, allows you to generate a conversation with them. That way, you get to know about your mistakes and they get to know you better. 

5. Humanitarian Angle

Giving your content a humanitarian angle is extremely important. Your readers are humans just like you. They act and perceive as you do so your content should be relatable to them. Adding personal experiences like that cheat day that you had while writing for a weight loss program can help the reader relate to you better. They will feel that you have also done some human mistakes and they can also rectify them as you did. This will increase your shares because people love the content that you can humanity in. 

6. Let People Show Off

Content is all about the readers and if they win, you win. In other words, frame your content in such a way that people feel proud to share it with their friends and family. We all want to show off, isn’t it? And, if we find something significant that others haven’t we tend to show off by claiming it is our finding. Any way they come, it all counts in your favor as you attract more readers so add interactive and unique infographics& videos that people haven’t seen before. 

7. Add Quotations of Famous Personalities

To support your content, add a relevant quote by a famous personality. For example- Talking about fitness and bodybuilding a relevant quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger would back your claim in a big way. This also improves trust and people feel a sense of authenticity and weight behind your lines but, make sure that your quote should be in line with what the reader is looking for. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi in a fitness blog won’t fit a fair bit. Avoid that. 

8. Don’t Write a Sentence for the Sake of It

Adding irrelevant lines to your content would be wasting the time and effort of your reader. Avoid sentences that have impractical existence and add touching stories (if you are writing a long-form of content). Always write the lines that hold in that piece. The reader often gets discouraged when they have to read 200 lines that make no sense in a 1000 words article. This will hurt your reader base. To make your content attractive, add stories to which the readers can relate. For example- a story of a handicapped bodybuilder in a fitness blog. 

9. Keep it Appropriate & Correct 

Nothing annoys a reader more than an incorrect use of grammar in the content. If you want your readers to stick make sure that your sentences are properly checked. You should avoid the use of passive voice in your content and keep it conversationally so that people can maintain the connection for a long. Also, do not pivot around the topic, come straight to it. Write-ups that pivot too much generally experience a much more bounce rate because of their annoying tone. 


Make your content a reader-oriented one. Do not use inappropriate sentences and passive voice. Keep it simple and clear. 

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